Experience Islam Week (4/17-4/21) and Cal Day (4/22)

Experience Islam Week is finally here! This is a week that we dedicate to share our religion with our non-muslim friends. We have many events slated for the week, all of which can be found on the schedule below.

*Notes: The Quran Circle will be at 75 Evans, and Jummah will be at 1:20 pm.

Cal Day is also this Saturday (4/22)! MSA will have a table with refreshments, and be leading tours inshAllah. If you're an incoming student (or a current student for that matter), please find us on Sproul Plaza! More information will be released soon.

Noon Dhuhr Prayer and Resources


Thank you to the Muslims and allies who came to the Noon Dhuhr Prayer this afternoon. We had a large showing, Alhamdulillah. The bonds of our Berkeley community cross lines, and are deep; this afternoon was a testament to that. 

Last night, we also sent a list of resources to everyone on our mailing list. If you have not read the email yet, we highly suggest you do so. If you would like to see the full list of resources, they will be under the "Resources-->Special Resources" tab on this website.

Jazak Allah Khair!

Welcome Back and MSA Retreat

Welcome back to returning students and welcome to new admits! We're all looking to a busy, successful semester, inshAllah. 

We have several important events soon, including our first general meeting this coming Monday (1/22/17). More details to come soon. If you do not get the week in preview emails every Sunday and would like to, please email "communications@msa.berkeley.edu" to be added!

In other news, one of UCB MSA's biggest events is almost here- the Annual Retreat! The retreat is from February 3rd-4th, and will be at the Sierra Friends Center in Nevada City, CA. You can sign up here and find the Facebook event page here

Finals Week, MSA Retreat, and Jummah


Finals Week is almost here! As we finish up RRR week, remember that Berkeley Masjid (2716 Derby Street) is always an option for a quiet study spot. Best of luck to everyone on finals; inshAllah we all get the results we want, and the results that Allah deems best for us.

As a reminder, MSA Retreat will be held early in the Spring 2017 semester, around the end of January or early February. The retreat will most likely be for two nights/one day, and the location will be within two hours. Make sure to keep a few weekends free! More details will be released shortly.

Finally, remember that there will be no campus Jummah on the Friday of finals week (12/16) or during winter break. Berkeley Masjid Jummah prayer begins at 1:30 pm. 

Salaams, good luck on finals, and stay safe during break!

Campus Safety


In light of recent political developments, we want to remind everyone to stay safe. There have been increased instances of violence around the country, including our own campus. Please make sure to walk in groups, and do not hesitate to reach out to other MSA members if you ever feel at all unsafe.

We're in the process of organizing more healing events, and are intensifying our allyship efforts in the face of this hardship. We must all remember that we answer to Allah and Allah alone, and that anything He does is for our benefit, inshAllah. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email board@msa.berkeley.edu.

Big C Hike and Calapalooza

Don't forget about the Big C Hike tomorrow (Tuesday)! We'll all be meeting up at the Campanile and walking together. It's a great view at the top, and it provides us with an opportunity to reflect and to get to know each other better, inshAllah. If that doesn't entice you, there are also complimentary granola bars available.

MSA also has a table at Calapalooza! We'll be there from 2-7 pm on Wednesday, inshAllah, so make sure to stop by and say what's up! 

Jummah & Project Downtown Event


We hope everyone's first week is going well, InshAllah. Thank you to everyone who came to the Brothers and Sisters dinners- both events were a great success!

Just a reminder that Jummah prayer will be 1:20 PM, at Hearst Gym (on the second floor of the building). Afterwards, we will be assembling lunches and distributing them to those in need (Project Downtown). We highly encourage everyone to join us!

Good luck with the rest of the week, inshAllah!

Jazak Allah Khair.

MSA Welcome Week 2016

MSA Welcome Week begins on 8/22! Join the Cal MSA for a series of events, including community dinners and halaqas, that will make campus feel a little bit more like home. Anyone is welcome! The week will kick off with a tour of campus and a visit to nearby Zaytunah College, at 1:15 PM on 8/22. Please refer to the flyer below for the full schedule, and check out the calendar for more details! 

Our Three Brothers

‪#‎SayTheirNames‬: Mohamed Omar (23), Adam Mekki (20), and Muhannad Tairab (17), three of our Black Muslim brothers, were killed "execution-style," each shot multiple times, in Fort Wayne, Indiana last week. May Allah SWT grant them Jannah and give their families and communities strength and patience to cope with this loss.

Media coverage and law enforcement responses to this horrible crime have been incredibly disappointing. Please sign this petition to call for the Fort Wayne Police Department to conduct a full investigation of the case and use their resources fully to bring justice to their names and and to their families.

Keep ‪#‎OurThreeBrothers‬ in your prayers.


UC Berkeley MSA stands in solidarity with Charleston

The Muslim Student Association of UC Berkeley stands in solidarity with the people of Charleston, South Carolina. After what has followed a truly tragic event for the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, we offer our deepest condolences and prayers to the community and the families of all those affected. Our community is well aware of the heavily strained racial climate within our country and we entirely condemn acts of violence or hatred as a reaction or product of this tension. We are deeply saddened to see such a beautiful community innocently suffer as a consequence of racially motivated actions. During this Ramadan, we ask all of our brothers and sisters to offer your thoughts and prayers to the people of Charleston.

General Meeting #3 (and Recap from Last Semester's Goals)

As-Salaamu Alaykum lovely community,                                       

General Meeting will be this Wednesday 2/11/14 at 6-8 P.M!  Location will be announced shortly.

Here's the link to the event to get live updates from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/402841333218093/

It is at this time, we would also like to publish our collective review of the community from last general meeting, our three programming focus areas for 2015, and our new shortened mission statement.

The most common positives identified about the community were:

1)      Contains a diverse group of members, experiences, and programs that provide new experiences for everyone

2)      Offers balanced programming that allows for different levels of knowledge, backgrounds, and intentions to be fulfilled through growing experiences

3)      Members are proactive and open to addressing internal concerns

4)      Board is becoming more transparent and offering space for healthy dialogue (i.e. Open Board Meetings, Feedback Forums, etc.) 

5)      Actions are substantiated by religious knowledge that is presented in a way all people can understand

The most common deltas (suggested we change or improve) identified by the community were:

1)      Increase usage of Berkeley mosque as a community- both with programming and daily prayer

2)      Create Training/Mentorship programs and Systems of Accountability for both Committee Heads and Board Members

3)      Respond properly to current events and be more active allies in different communities inhabited by our members

4)      Eliminate barriers of ethnicity apparent in the space that are the root cause of larger problems

5)      Improve sensitivity, empathy, and collaboration among members

The top 3 programming goals voted on by the MSA democratically were:

1)      Improve Cultural Competency and Eliminate Structural Social Barriers (i.e. ethnicity, language)

2)      Improve Gender Allyship and Understanding between Brothers and Sisters

3)      Improve Da’wah efforts (internally and externally) and Seek Out More Opportunities to Collaborate or Help those in Need


After careful consideration of community input, our simplified Mission Statement to be uttered at all MSA endorsed is:

Through worship the of Allah and cultivation of a space rooted in Islam, the Muslim Student Association seeks to facilitate interaction and growing experiences for those identifying as Muslim and people of other belief systems.

Insha’Allah (God willing), we will do our best to retain what is good, change what needs to be changed, substantiate our actions/intentions with Islamic knowledge, and commit to fulfilling our goals and mission statement.

Love and always love,

MSA Board 2014-2015