About Us


The Muslim Student Association of the University of California, Berkeley originated primarily to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures under one unified, organized, proactive community. The MSA at Berkeley stands upon the principles of inclusiveness, responsibility, and action. As an organization aimed primarily at the student body, we strive to remain inclusive of those who wish to understand, appreciate, and practice their Islam without compromising their morals and beliefs. The MSA also reaches out to those who are not Muslims, primarily to educate them about the misconceptions regarding Islam and the Islamic way of life, and to include anyone willing to stand up for truth, justice, and peace. Aside from fostering a social community for Muslims, the MSA encourages mental, physical, and spiritual development through an array of athletic programs, spiritual discussions, rallies, academic forums, and charity events. The ultimate goal of the MSA is to encourage both Muslims and non-Muslims to evolve intellectually, physically, and spiritually during their tenure at UC Berkeley and to become enlightened, responsible, and just individuals.


Board Members

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Naser Abdelrahman, President

Contact: president@msa.berkeley.edu

Sabreen Abdelrahman, Internal Vice President

Contact: internal@msa.berkeley.edu

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Hanan Sinada, External Vice President

Contact: external@msa.berkeley.edu

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Basil Farooq Abdur Raquib, Treasurer

Contact: finance@msa.berkeley.edu

I am a fourth year studying Economics and Applied Math. I am planning to go to grad school in Econ after I graduate. I grew up in Dubai (not as cool as you would imagine, pun intended!) I love cooking and baking bread (and i love teaching people how to do these). I have been training in Judo for 2 years now and can throw people double my size now. If you have questions or curiosities about any of my interests or academics or my views on politics or anything else hit me up! Looking forward to meeting you this year>>>!

P.S. Let me know if you wanna try my food or bread...

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Hira Idrees, Sisters' Director

Contact: sisters@msa.berkeley.edu

I am a 3rd year majoring in bioengineering. Unlike the rest of board, I am from SoCal so I’m probably just as lost as y’all since I’ve spent all of my childhood with my cats in the suburbs. I really love people and making new friends so feel free to say hi or ask me anything if you see me around! I guess you can call me a foodie but more than that I really really like boba! I love board games and some friendly competition. In addition, I’m also the president of AMPD so Professional Development and helping marginalized communities are one of my priorities. Im excited to get to know each and every one of you and let me know if you need a cat sitter :wink:!

Mahmoud Alzaghari, Brothers' Director

Contact: brothers@msa.berkeley.edu

I am a third year studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science. I grew up in the Bay Area in a Fremont, so my home is only 40 minutes away. In terms of my academic passions, I am fascinated with the brain and neuroscience, and this summer I got to do a bit of a deep dive into sleep, so be sure to ask me about that! My favorite places to eat near campus are Razan's Organic Kitchen, Suya, and D'yar. You can find me on campus in Moffit Library, Eshelman Hall, or the Law Library. Feel free to reach out at anytime if you have any questions about academics, extracurriculars, internships, or the best spots to pray on campus. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

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Hevatib Mehmood, Educational Coordinator

Contact: education@msa.berkeley.edu

I am a 4th year majoring in MCB: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I grew up in the Bay Area, specifically in Fremont. You can find me at the RSF at the basketball courts and I love playing with friends so hit me up if you want to ball! I love coffee, cars and cats (although I’ve never had one…yet). I’m also really passionate about medicine and chemistry and this summer I got to work on a protein that is linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. My favorite cafes to study in around campus include Philz (first and foremost), Blue Door, and FSM, and my favorite library is definitely the CV Starr East Asian Library. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about classes, research, MSA, etc. I’m excited to meet you all!

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Saneeha Shamshad, Communications Director

Contact: communications@msa.berkeley.edu

I’m a 3rd year transfer from Diablo Valley College. I’m majoring in Media Studies. I grew up in San Ramon and Cupertino. I’m super into sports, Star Trek, and animals (specifically fat cats and giant dogs.) I am DEFINITELY a better cat sitter than Hira so (seriously) reach out to me! My favorite local restaurant is Cheeseboard. I work as a Transfer Advocate in the ASUC Office of the President, so if you’re a transfer or post-traditional student I’d love to help you navigate Berkeley!